The firm is headed by Dr. Daniel Hargain, a lawyer with extensive experience Corporate Law and highly respected in academic circles as a result of his recognized expertise in Competition Law, his position as a tenured Professor of Commercial and International Trade Law; and his authorship of books and academic articles published in different Latin American countries, the United States of America, and Europe.

The firm is staffed by a group of highly skilled professionals, each one specializing in a distinct practice area.  

The Tax Law practice is headed by Dr. Virginia Oddone, Professor of Corporate and Business Contract Law at the University of Montevideo.

The Public Law practice area falls under the direction of Dr. Juan Ignacio Trabaglia, a specialist in Administrative Law.

For its part, the Banking and Trust Law practice is in the capable hands of Dr. Gabriel Mihali, executive with the Contracts Department of the Banco de la República O. del Uruguay, former professor of Commercial Contract Law at the University of the Republic, and author of numerous books and academic articles on Commercial Law and International Trade Law published both in Uruguay and abroad.